Adobe Edge Animate

Animate the Web

Chris Griffith

Adobe Community Professional

Plug-in free, but ...

Hand coded

Time consuming

Adobe Edge Animate 1.5

  • Works seamlessly across modern browsers and devices
  • Create accessible content
  • Keyframe based intuitive tooling
  • Help bridge the gap between creativity and code

New Features

  • Edge Web Fonts
  • CSS Filter Support
  • Improved Gradients
  • New Color Tools


Adobe Edge Animate

Animate in Action

Adobe Edge Animate


A suite of Javascript libraries and tools for building rich, interactive experiences with HTML5


A Javascript library that makes working with the HTML5 Canvas element easy.


A Javascript library for tweening and animating HTML5 and Javascript properties.


A Javascript library that provides a simple API, and powerful features to make working with audio a breeze.


A Javascript library that lets you manage and co-ordinate the loading of assets.


A stand alone tool for exporting SWF animations as EaselJS sprite sheets that can be used in Canvas and CSS.

Toolkit for CreateJS

A complimentary extension for Flash Professional CS6 that enables you to publish rich Flash content to HTML5, leveraging CreateJS.

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